"The Difference Between Them," part of the "Mark My Words" exhibit at the Hacklab

I just happened to come across the BlindNewWorld campaign and I loved hearing the call for creating opportunities where the sighted and the blind can socialize with each other.

I am an artist working in West Palm Beach, Florida. I am not blind, but as I am getting older I am finding myself depending on a stronger prescription for my glasses. This has had me thinking about different ways we communicate and how technology has been changing our lives.

I have created several art projects using social media text words for participants to intermingle and socialize face to face. The most recent project introduced common text messaging words printed onto the sides of gymnastic cubes, with braille tape underneath. The pieces are being shown in the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County in a group show called Mark my Words. The piece is called The Difference Between Them.

As the Hacklab’s Artist in Residence, I collaborated with CEO, Irene Revelas, on both the concept as well as adding the sandbox to enhance where the cubes are displayed.

The work is still evolving with 20-30 remaining cubes. I am in the process of seeking out a group of blind students to collaborate and work with to incorporate their favorite text words onto the cubes. I also learned braille on the internet and I know there will be corrections made to the existing pieces. I am looking forward to continue learning braille even further as this project expands and evolves. I would love to get connected with other artists working like this.

Marilyn’s studio is located at the Hacklab in Boynton Beach, FL, where she is the Artist in Residence. The Hacklab is a community maker space where tech, art, electronics, music, robotics, woodworking and mechanic collaborations are encouraged for research, development and production of new works. Connect with her on her website, marilynwalter.com or via Facebook.

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