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A Bad Blind Moms Holiday Gift Guide

The Bad Blind Moms have curated a holiday gift guide that will help any last-minute shoppers dazzle the loved ones on their list.

A holiday treatment of the Bad Blind Moms logo: two female silhouettes holding mobility canes and talking on phones. In honor of the gift guide, they're wearing bright-colored winter hats. Christmas lights hang above them and evergreen trees run below the logo.

Happy holidays, season’s greetings and all the other fa-la-la we hear this time of year. It’s been an interesting year. Between kiddos at home 24/7, working from home, a worldwide pandemic, and – oh, yeah, did we mention kiddos at home 24/7? – some of us may be a bit Grinchy.

The Bad Blind Moms have your back. We are bringing you a gift guide to send to relatives, friends and, of course, significant others. With the help from the virtual mom squad, here’s a finely curated gift guide we hope you find helpful.

Gift cards

Gift cards are a must-have year-round. Abigail Bailey from Illinois says, “There are so many things that people might need but don’t know at the time. And not a lot of people want to go to the store right now.”

Amazon, Target and Walmart are always high on the list. There are a variety of products from each of these stores, and the apps and websites for these companies are rather accessible for screen reader users.

Lyft and Uber make equally great gifts for the blind parents in your life. Transporting kids around isn’t always merry and bright. Rideshare services like Lyft and Uber can ease some of this stress.

Audible gift cards are highly recommended for the readers out there. Bad Blind Mom Bridgit Kuenning-Pollpeter reads several books a month and appreciates gift cards from Audible. “There’s nothing like a good book to escape the chaos in your life,” Bridgit says.

We all have to eat, but when you’re exhausted and the kitchen’s still a mess from lunch, the last thing you want to think about is making dinner. Gift cards from food delivery services like Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates and Uber Eats will lift the weary spirits of the blind parent in your life. These services offer a wide range of options from fast food to sushi to Indian to vegan. Dad Ross Pollpeter from Iowa says, “During these times of COVID, it’s nice to bring the restaurant to you. And it’s nice to give my wife a night off from cooking.”


For the competitive parent, games will bring the festivity. Badass Bad Blind Moms guest host Priscilla Yeung from California recommends games she can play with her kids. Throw Throw Burrito is a particular favorite in her household. “Throw Throw Burrito is an awesome game, because you can chuck soft, squishy burritos at your family for fun. Everyone can play no matter how athletic they are,” she says.

The gift of comfort

You can’t go wrong with comfy clothes. Cozy flannels, soft t-shirts and cushy pullovers sound just about right. Add some fuzzy socks, and you’re ready for a two-hour Zoom call – and then transition to the couch for snuggle-time and a movie. There certainly won’t be any frosty snowmen when bundled up nice and warm in comfy gear.

On-the-go and gadgets

Blind parents not only transport the kiddos everywhere, we also have car seats, diaper bags, snacks, totes and a million other items in tow. Laine Amoureux from Idaho is hoping for a folding wagon. Most brands make a folding wagon, making it easier when placing in a vehicle. Most blind parents will appreciate a folding wagon to help lighten the load.

Maureen Bassmaster from Colorado recommends the August smart lock. “We absolutely love our smart lock,” she says. “It fits onto your existing lock, and you can lock and unlock your front door using your phone.” This is the perfect gift for the blind parent juggling a variety of items when leaving and returning home.

Room to be creative

Into DIY projects? 2020 has been rough, and sometimes a DIY gift is better than store-bought items. Bad Blind Moms badass guest host Lisa Johnson from Nebraska says, “What I really want can’t be bought in stores. One of my favorite gifts was a coupon book one of my kids made, and I could redeem a free chore or a hug.”

Need the kids to chill but don’t want them completely vegged out in front of a screen? Outschool gift cards will please both child and parent. Bad Blind Mom Stacy Cervenka can’t recommend Outschool enough. “My seven-year-old son loves sharks. He has taken classes on drawing sharks, learning about the ocean and environment and shark-themed math classes,” she says. “Not only is he learning, but he can do something hands-on.” Outschool offers everything from educational classes like sight word bingo or Spanish to physical activities like dance and yoga to interest-based like Lego or creative writing. And it has a range of classes for preschool through teenagers. This is a great gift for the parent who needs a break.

We parents are doing our best and hopefully getting some of it right, especially this year. We ultimately want our families to be happy, healthy and safe, but gifting the blind parent in your life one of these fabulous suggestions will make the holidays just a tad extra special this year.

Bad Blind Moms wishes everyone a very happy holiday season and New Year. And don’t forget to check us out on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Bad Blind Moms is not affiliated or sponsored by any of these brands. We do not receive money for the promotion or sale of these brands. These are just suggestions recommended by parents.

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