Hilda along with her son Ashton, her two daughters and her husband, huddle together outdoors for a family photo.

My name is Hilda and I’m the mother of a child born with septo-optic dysplasia. I started an Instagram account to share about what it’s like raising a little boy who is blind – and how amazing he is.

I changed the name of the page to @OurBlindSide because I’d like to change the way others see raising a child who is blind.

When Ashton was born and I was told he was blind and had septo-optic dysplasia, I was heartbroken thinking about all the challenges and all the things he would miss without sight.

I remember there was cereal commercial where the mom shows her baby how to pick up cereal and eat it and then points for the baby to do it – and of course, the baby does it. I used to cry every single time I saw this commercial when my six- month-old son couldn’t sit up and he definitely couldn’t look at me to learn how to feed himself.

Looking back now, I realize that I was wrong. I thought I’d be missing so much and he wouldn’t be able to do all the things I imagined and hoped he would do. However, in the seven years of raising a little boy who is blind, I learned that actually everyone else is missing out.

I am so thankful for Ash – he is one of the most amazing gifts and blessings.

Navigating his world of braille and touch and seeing the world a completely different way than I ever did has taught me so much. I’d like to share more about his journey, his accomplishments that mean everything – and the hard parts too.

Ashton has taught us about the blind side of life. The side you don’t need sight to see but only your heart to feel.


You can follow Hilda, Ashton and their family on Instagram at @OurBlindSide.

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