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  1. What do I use braille for in 2017?

    I started to learn braille when I was only a toddler. By the age of four and a half I entered school being able to read and write uncontracted braille. I then progressed onto grade 2 (contracted braille) and the maths and science codes. Braille was the foundation of my education. It enabled me to access books, to participate in the classroom and to write down my ideas. I was an avid reader, and braille opened up many worlds to me. I have talked extensively about the impact braille has had…

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  2. A proud mom’s perspective

    Well, I certainly have had my experience dealing with blind children.  When our daughter, Lynne, was born in 1953, within a couple of weeks we realized something was not quite right about her eyes.  We took her to the Doctor, and were told he would keep close of her, and he would see her at the six week checkup.  At that time, he told us he was not sure if it was a brain problem, or an eye problem.  We were referred to a specialist in Worcester, who told us…

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