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Art, Through my Eyes

Visually impaired visual artist Ne'vaeh Brooks is using her talents in painting and drawing to prove that disability is not inability.

Visual artist Ne'Vaeh Brooks, a young Black woman with her hair in short, beaded twists, smiles for a selfie.

I am a visually impaired visual artist who hopes to change the world one painting at a time! I was born with optic nerve hypoplasia and nystagmus.

I started drawing nine years ago and then painting about five years ago. Along the way, I realized – and was told by many people – that I have a talent and a gift when it comes to art.

Throughout my childhood, I heard so many opinions and comments about how disabled people are not able to be successful or be talented due to “barriers” or the fact that we have a missing sense. With my art, I want to show and prove to people that they are so wrong about us.

The disabled are still able! Here are some samples of my work.

Painting of a family - mom, dad and child, sitting together outdoors on a snowy day.
A commissioned painting of a client and her family
A painting in tones of black, white, gray and brown. A view of a woman from behind. She's sitting on a backwards-facing chair. Her hair is in a natural, curly style and she's wearing large hoop earrings.
A painting gifted to my sister-in-law
A vibrant, colorful painting of a pale moon hidden behind clouds of blue, yellow, orange, and green in a deep blue sky filled with twinkling stars.
Painting commissioned by a client

About the author

Ne’Vaeh Brooks is a visually impaired visual artist. You can follow her – and purchase her artwork – online via Instagram and Facebook. You can also contact her via email at

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