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The BlindNewWorld Quiz is a set of eight questions, each having three response options: yes, no and unsure. All answers that are presented to the user are the same regardless of the response that is chosen. Instead of making users feel they have entered incorrectly, the Quiz is simply a tool to further educate them.

QUESTION 1 of 8.

Question: If a person who is blind is crossing the street, should you offer to help them?
Answer: Yes. If you see a person who is blind crossing a dangerous intersection or who appears to be looking for an address, offer assistance.

QUESTION 2 of 8.

Question: Do you think a blind person is less capable of participating in an activity (playing sports, traveling alone, using a computer) because they cannot see?
Answer: People who are blind often lead very active lives enjoying diverse activities such as jogging, sailing, hiking, social media and even tennis.

QUESTION 3 of 8.

Question: If you see a blind person with a guide dog, should you pet the dog?
Answer: No. Guide dogs are service animals that play a vital role in helping people who are blind navigate the world. It’s important not to distract guide dogs, as it makes them less effective and can put their owners at risk. Feel free to talk with the person who owns the dog.

QUESTION 4 of 8.

Question: Do you believe a blind person can be truly happy?
Answer: People without sight can be as happy as anyone. Many blind people consider blindness to be something they cope with every day, rather than something that defines who they are. Their disability doesn’t stop them from leading full, happy lives. Just like anyone, blind people pursue what brings them joy.

QUESTION 5 of 8.

Question: In frustration, have you ever said to a person: “What are you, blind?”
Answer: This fairly common phrase can be insulting and demeaning to someone who is blind. Putdowns like this reinforce negative stereotypes and can cut at self-esteem.

QUESTION 6 of 8.

Question: When you see a blind person, is your first reaction to feel sorry for them?
Answer: Because the idea of living without sight is so frightening to sighted people, they often feel unnecessarily sorry for someone who is blind. Blind people are not living in misery and sadness because they lack sight. When you pity a blind person, you indicate they are inferior and that cuts at their self-esteem. Empathize, rather than sympathize.

QUESTION 7 of 8.

Question: Do you think a blind person could be a software engineer?
Answer: Blind people are capable of performing many jobs despite their visual impairment. Many people own assistive devices like braille notetakers, screen readers and magnifying software, which quickly transform a typical office into an accessible workspace.

QUESTION 8 of 8.

Question: Are there any unique advantages to dating a blind person?
Answer: There could be. Why not ask someone out and see for yourself.

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BlindNewWorld is sponsored by Perkins School for the Blind, where Helen Keller challenged and dramatically changed society’s perceptions of individuals with disabilities. Founded in 1829, Perkins is the leading global enterprise dedicated to advancing the lives of the young blind population through education, accessibility and innovation.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” - Helen Keller

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