Increase Accessibility

Here are a few simple things that any organization and individual can do to help build a BlindNewWorld.


Make Your Website Accessible.
If a website is not accessible, a blind person cannot use it. You’re either eliminating a potential market, or excluding people from information everyone else can access. Take this simple step to make the world more inclusive by ensuring blind people can use your website.

Make Signage Accessible.
Add braille to your building’s elevators, restrooms, directories and room numbers so blind visitors, customers and employees can navigate. If you run a restaurant, consider having a menu in braille or large type.

Educate Hiring Managers.
Encourage your hiring managers to consider blind candidates for positions. It’s easier than you may think.


Streets in Your Community.
If your neighborhood has electronic crossing signals, help advocate for an upgrade to include audio. This will make crossing the street radically safer and easier for anyone.

Restaurants and Bars.
Ask owners to make signs, particularly restroom signs, accessible by adding braille, large type or tactile features and to create braille or large type menus.

At the Movies.
Ask local movie theater owners to provide assistive listening devices, to include movies available with captions and audio descriptions, and to use icons to communicate sight and sound assistive showtimes. AMC is an example of one company that offers all of these services.