Image of the world with the BlindNewWorld logo. Text reads: Celebrating 1 Year | BlindNewWorld | 75,000 strong

One year ago, we launched BlindNewWorld with a specific mission: break down barriers to inclusion for blind and low vision people in the workplace, community and education.

This year has been incredible. We started a movement among people ready to change the way they see blindness – and we have raised awareness by sharing so many of your stories.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

We created a community – and it keeps growing…

We built a community of almost 75,000 followers and have reached 50 million people, including more than 2.2 million views of our fun (and informative) videos – both on our site and via our partnership with Upworthy.

And most importantly, we’ve had hundreds of you share your stories – from both the blind and sighted perspectives – across our gallery and our blog.

We’ve made some famous friends

Christine Ha (also known as The Blind Cook), Tommy Edison (The Blind Film Critic), EJ Scott (a blind marathoner) and the guys behind Two Blind Brothers apparel (as featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show) have joined BlindNewWorld.

We’ve even had celebrities – including Judd Apatow and the Boston Celtics – show their support and spread the word!

We got our very own week in Massachusetts (seriously – the Governor said so!)

On March 6th, we had the honor of standing alongside Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker at the State House as he signed his first-ever Braille proclamation and declared March 6-11 “BlindNewWorld Week” in Massachusetts – six days dedicated to breaking down barriers to inclusion for people with visual impairment.

As the wrap-up to BlindNewWorld week, we encouraged everyone – both visually impaired and sighted – to use Saturday, March 11th to spend the day having fun together.

Many organizations across the state – including Not Your Average Joe’s, Showcase Cinemas, Saks Fifth Avenue, the MFA, the Museum of Science, the ICA, the JFK Library and others – not only helped us spread the word, but also offered discounts and specials for anyone participating in the program.

We were excited to hear about more than 60 dates across the state – people having lunch, getting makeovers, taking in exhibits and just generally enjoying each other’s company.

BlindNewWorld week and the blind dates got a good deal of attention from the local press – in fact, the Perkins Choir was featured on WCVB’s Wake-up Call the day after the Governor declared BlindNewWorld week!

So… what’s next?

We want to keep the momentum going – and we’re looking for help from people who are prioritizing inclusion, kindness and open-mindedness in the workplace.

We’ve set up a new resource center on BlindNewWorld: There, you’ll find resources that you – and your employees – can use to start or advance the conversation around inclusiveness.

We encourage you to check it out – share it, spread the word, and let us know what you think!

And again – thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us build this BlindNewWorld.

How has blindness impacted your world?

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