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  1. Our Blind Side

    My name is Hilda and I’m the mother of a child born with septo-optic dysplasia. I started an Instagram account to share about what it’s like raising a little boy who is blind – and how amazing he is. I changed the name of the page to @OurBlindSide because I’d like to change the way others see raising a child who is blind. When Ashton was born and I was told he was blind and had septo-optic dysplasia, I was heartbroken thinking about all the challenges and all the things…

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  2. The misadventures of a blind gamer

    Whenever I introduce myself as a blind gamer I get a wide array of reactions. From doubt to surprise; they all funnel down to two main questions, “Why and how do you play video games?” I guess I should begin with how I got into video games in the first place. When I was young my family would visit my grandparents often. In their house was a room called the “Toy Room.” One of the most popular ‘toys’ was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Since my cousins are all…

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