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  1. Advice for blind college students

    Hello.  My name is Daniel Jenkins.  I was born 31 years ago with stage five retinopathy of prematurity.  As a result of my ROP, I have been blind all of my life.  I attended Roanoke City public schools for the entirety of my secondary education.  I then attended Radford University where I received a bachelor of Science Degree in music in 2008.  In 2012, I received a Master of Arts Degree in Music from Radford University.  In this post, I wanted to offer advice to blind students who will be…

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  2. Back To School in a BlindNewWorld

    Another school year is here and parents and teachers alike are looking for school supplies. For visually impaired students, this list can come with a few extra supplies on it. But what kind of supplies do they need? How do these supplies differ from the supplies of a sighted classroom?   Whether you’re a teacher making a more inclusive classroom or a parent sending their child off to school, here are 7 supplies that can assist blind students on their road to knowledge.     1.Braille Readers As you would…

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