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  1. #MyBlindStory 2020: Reflecting on this year in the #BlindNewWorld

    What a year, huh? The good news is that, even with everything that’s happening out there in the real world, we have a strong, supportive community to help us keep it together and keep going here in the #BlindNewWorld. As always, we wanted to take an opportunity to reflect on and highlight all of the incredible stories that have been shared with us this year. 2020 brought us personal insight from artists, musicians, athletes, innovators, actors, scientists, content creators, professionals, bright young adults, chefs, rock-star parents – as well as…

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  2. A Lifelong Love of Sports Leads to Building Beautiful Lives

    My name is Bryce Weiler. I was born almost four months premature, and shortly after my birth – due too much light or oxygen in the hospital – I developed an eye condition called retinopathy of prematurity, which caused me to become blind. Today, I’m the cofounder of The Beautiful Lives Project, a nonprofit that helps people with disabilities across the United States live their dreams in sports, performing arts, visual arts, nature and more. A Lifelong Love of Sports… During my time at the University of Evansville from 2010 through…

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  3. You Don’t Need Sight to Have Vision

    Hello, my name is Holly. I’m a disability and lifestyle blogger from the UK. My story is nothing unique – I went through mainstream education, graduated university, I love all things beauty, fashion, concerts, and all the usual girly stuff. Oh, and I’m blind. I get up every day, go to work, see friends and do blogging/film content for my YouTube channel. I’m blind, but I live a pretty normal and independent life. I have things that I want to achieve. I have goals and aspirations – and I think…

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