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  1. Beginning to an End

    My name is Jamie. I wrote the poem below several years ago. It reflects my experience when I was diagnosed with RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa). I have come a long way since the diagnosis and have embraced my new life with little sight. I have since retired from a job of 28 years. New doors have opened within the blind community. I volunteer and am working part time at a blind center in my area. I am attending city college for the first time in my life and a member of…

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  2. Learning from the boss – who just happens to be blind

    Years ago – I guess maybe 20 now, I had a boss at a major insurance company who had lost his vision to retinosa pigmentosa.  Because he was a gifted auditor, he was made lead on a huge project that I was also a part of.  This project included creating a project hub on two floors of a newly constructed building, setting up multiple equipment stations, scanning images, burning CDs (what was then a completely new technology), establishing 2 call centers, documenting security, and a host of other high-level responsibilities….

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