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  1. Living the (Disney) Dream: How one legally blind woman landed her dream job

    As a child, my parents took me to Disney World frequently, mostly Epcot, which at the time had a variety of attractions that fulfilled the other four senses and the small bit that was my fifth. I was born with a rare genetic eye condition called Autosomal Recessive Ocular Albinism, which affects my vision to the point of legal blindness and makes my eyes sensitive to light. It also makes me face-blind and crowd-anxious. I hated crowds with a passion, but the only public place I felt safe was Disney…

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  2. Why this actor calls his visual impairment a “blessing”

    Years ago, when I was starting out on my journey as a professional actor in Chicago, I took an acting class that was taught by a well known casting director in the city at that time.  It was our first day and we had just starting rolling camera on a mock audition.  Thirty seconds into my audition the casting director yelled: “STOP!”  After a moment or two they asked: “Okay, what’s the deal with this???  Upon saying the word this, they placed their index and middle finger in front of…

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