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  1. The Braille Trail

    Born blind and growing up in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, hiking has always been a part of my life. As a small child, I recall climbing the mountains with the help of my white cane and picking berries. The sound of the creek, crickets, and sweet smell of honeysuckles were a familiar part of growing up. My family and friends have always described the beautiful scenery around me. What I enjoy most is the incredible fragrances, various textures, and sounds of the forest and how the seasons bring…

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  2. 7 Tips For Making Your Super Bowl Party More Inclusive

    Super Bowl Sunday is here! Time to break out the solo cups, hot wings, and foam fingers to cheer on your favorite team. Do you have someone with a visual impairment coming over this year to watch the big game? If you do here are some tips to help make your home more accessible and comfortable.   1.Describe Your Home. Some simple orientation will help your guest feel at home. Phrases such as “the living room has a couch on the left with a coffee table in front of it,”…

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  3. BlindNewWorld Holiday Gift Guide

    Finding the right gift for that special someone can be hard, if they are visually impaired, it might make your shopping trip even harder. But not to worry. We have compiled 7 of our favorite gifts that are accessible and perfect for the techies, foodies, and fashion forward people on your list. Swap Socks  These perfectly mismatched socks are great for anyone on your shopping list this year. Swap Socks creates unique, fun, and eye catching designs that always go together no matter which two you put on. Each pack…

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