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  1. Dream Job: Working with Guide Dogs

    I work at a non-profit organization that trains guide dogs for the visually impaired. As a “puppy Kindergarten manager,” I coordinate with dedicated volunteers and staff members to create a good foundation for our puppies who will grow up to be companions and guides. We expose them to body handling, different surfaces, and different noises in order to prepare them for the world outside the kennel environment. Then, at about 12 weeks old, our puppies go home with volunteer puppy-raisers for just over a year to be exposed to a…

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  2. Marvelous Adventures with Marly and Aerie

    My name is Juliet Cody. I am an immigrant from Colombia. When I was a child, to stay in touch with our strong ties to the tropical beaches of the Caribbean, my parents moved our family to the beautiful beaches of Southern California, where I still reside. I have a daughter, and taught pre-kindergarten until blindness struck. Despite this unexpected life event, I chose not to sit in the dark. Instead, I turned on the light of independence – I became involved in the blind community and returned to school…

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