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  1. A Look Back at 2018: These Are the Stories of the #BlindNewWorld

    2018 has been another incredible year in the BlindNewWorld. We love hearing – and sharing – your stories of adventure, triumph, love, family, learning and so much more. These stories are what keep us going – and what keep our community strong. And we don’t want you to miss a single one of them. So to close out the year, we’re bringing together the full collection of 2018 #MyBlindStory posts. Get to know each and every one of the people who have shared their stories with us this year. And…

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  2. Paralympic Powerhouse: Menna and Jen

    Meet Jen My name is Jen and – unusually enough for #MyBlindStory – I’m not blind. I’m sighted (albeit short-sighted) and I’m a serving Officer in the Royal Engineers. I was released from traditional military duties for two years after being scouted as a sighted ski guide for para alpine athlete Menna. However, although I’m not blind, visual impairment and blindness has had a huge impact on my world. As a teenager, I sailed competitively – and once continued in a race even after my glasses were knocked off part-way…

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