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  1. Promoting Inclusion and Bringing About Social Change – One “Blind Date” at a Time

    On Monday, March 6, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker will issue a proclamation to establish March 6 – 11 as BlindNewWorld week – a time for all citizens of the Commonwealth to educate themselves about barriers to inclusion and commit to making our world a kinder, more inclusive place. Throughout the week, BlindNewWorld, along with our network of partners, will promote and celebrate new ways to think about inclusion in settings including employment, education, innovation and transportation – and highlight different ways the sighted population can be proactive about breaking down…

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  2. Why a supportive community is so important for special needs kids

    A couple years ago we took Ivan to his very first parade. The parade route was just a couple blocks away from our house, so the walk there was easy and of course if he hated it, we could make an easy escape too! Ivan was eight years old at the time and even then (as now) everything for him was a balance. As a child who is completely blind with additional physical and cognitive disabilities, we want to expose him to as many experiences as possible, but we don’t…

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