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  1. Thank you for helping us build a BlindNewWorld!

    One year ago, we launched BlindNewWorld with a specific mission: break down barriers to inclusion for blind and low vision people in the workplace, community and education. This year has been incredible. We started a movement among people ready to change the way they see blindness – and we have raised awareness by sharing so many of your stories. Here are just a few of the highlights: We created a community – and it keeps growing… We built a community of almost 75,000 followers and have reached 50 million people,…

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  2. #MyBlind(Date)Story: Seeing the Museum from a Different Perspective – and Making a New Friend

    The first thing that hits me early in the morning on Saturday, March 11, is the temperature. Six degrees, despite the blue skies and bright sunlight. As I wait for signs of life from my stubbornly frozen car, the landscape around me comes into view: a world encased in ice from the snow and sleet that weekend. “How will my date navigate this hostile terrain?” a voice inside my head repeatedly asks. These thoughts are triggered by the fact that a stranger who is blind is scheduled to meet me…

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  3. Promoting Inclusion and Bringing About Social Change – One “Blind Date” at a Time

    On Monday, March 6, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker will issue a proclamation to establish March 6 – 11 as BlindNewWorld week – a time for all citizens of the Commonwealth to educate themselves about barriers to inclusion and commit to making our world a kinder, more inclusive place. Throughout the week, BlindNewWorld, along with our network of partners, will promote and celebrate new ways to think about inclusion in settings including employment, education, innovation and transportation – and highlight different ways the sighted population can be proactive about breaking down…

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