An African American woman with braids smiles in a selfie, sitting in a car. At the bottom of the image, the left side reads "CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE". The BlindNewWorld logo is in the right corner.

More than half of Americans say they have not seen a blind person. At BlindNewWorld, we think it’s time for all of America to see the 7 million blind and visually impaired people in the U.S. living their lives to the fullest.

The #BlindSelfie Sweepstakes asks our blind community and friends to post a selfie on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #BlindSelfie and #BlindNewWorld. Don’t forget to include image descriptions with your post!

It’s time for Americans to change the way they see – and what’s more American than a selfie? While the goal of this sweepstakes is to celebrate and increase visibility of our blind and visually impaired community, we invite anyone to participate to help spread awareness of a #BlindNewWorld.

The sweepstakes will run from Monday, March 5th to Sunday, March 11th, 2018. All participants will be entered to win a DOT Smart Watch! DOT is a tactile smart watch specially designed for the blind community. The sleek timepiece tells the date and time, shares notifications, and comes with additional in-app features. For official rules and regulations, click here. 

Two images. Left: A caucasian woman wearing sunglasses outdoors holds a small white dog in a selfie. Right: A man in a tan shirt and sunglasses leans against a railing outdoors. At the bottom of both images, the left side reads "CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE". The BlindNewWorld logo is in the right corner.

Help us remind the world that the blind community is a vital part of our schools, workforce, and social lives – and it’s time we see them. Join us to help us change the way people see.

Top of graphic: a black background with white text that reads "#BlindNewWorld #BlindSelfie Sweepstakes on Twitter & Instagram". The bottom of the graphic features a photo of the DOT Smart Watch, which is silver with a white watch face featuring braille buttons. The text reads "Enter to win a DOT Smart Watch. Post a selfie with the Hashtags #BlindSelfie & #BlindNewWorld. Ends March 11th". The DOT logo and the BlindNewWorld logos are in the bottom right corner.

Want to learn more about the DOT Smartwatch? Read what this user has to say:

“Having the option to choose ‘manual scroll’ and ‘automatic scroll’ was a wonderful addition! It shows DOT is considering how to assist as many different individuals with vision impairment as possible, and in many different situations. For a proficient Braille reader, the automatic scroll allows him (or her) to very quickly read a message, notification, or a phone number without having to repeatedly press a button or a sensor. On the other hand, the manual scroll allows beginning, or slower, braille readers to be able to read and comprehend the text at their own pace, without feeling rushed or becoming frustrated with the watch.”

–Luke, DOT Smart Watch User


Special thanks to DOT Inc. for donating a Dot Smart Watch for our giveaway.
BlindNewWorld was not paid to promote the DOT Smartwatch and receives no revenue from any purchases.




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