Dave Steele looks at the camera while holding his three books, Stand By Me RP (volumes 1, 2 and 3)

My name is Dave Steele. I’m a singer and poet from the UK who, since being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa in 2013, has dedicated my life to raising awareness for visually impaired people worldwide through poetry and music.

Following is a poem I wrote for my daughter, Ellie.

The Secret

It took me years to come to terms with how my eyes declined
Through stages of acceptance of slowly going blind
But nothing I could ever do would allow me to prepare
To tell my little girl the thing I still don’t want to share
It’s tortured me through sleepless nights consumed my mind with guilt
This secret I have kept from her could break the trust I’ve built
I pray that she will understand the things I tried to do
and why I never told her that she could be 1 in 2
For she is still a child and far too young to burden with
a fate that I might pass to her for now’s her time to live
But soon will come a moment when I know she must be told
When all the battles I have won I’ll pass for her to hold
But for every unheard question there’s an answer I’ve prepared
They’re written in each line each verse each poem that I’ve shared
For every page I’ve filled I’ve emptied out my heart and soul
So one day she would know the way
That’s always been my goal
So Ellie I hope years from now you’ll be there reading this
Know you can do amazing things whether RP hit or miss
My inheritance to you won’t be a passed down faulty gene
But knowing all life’s beauty that this VIP has seen

Author of the number one books Stand By Me RP volumes 1, 2 and 3 Dave Steele continues on his mission to support those who struggle sometimes with the fears and anxieties often associated with the early stages of vision loss.
You can read more about his journey with RP in his previous #MyBlindStory post and  follow him on Twitter at @steele75.

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