A blind sailor? Those words sound like an oxymoron. Yet, for more than half his life, racing sailboats continues to be a challenge and passion.

As the life-partner of Matt and his “shore support” aka: wheels for the past thirty plus years, we thought you might like to learn about his incredible story. While Matt uses his Seeing Eye Dog, Quill to get around town, since Quill hasn’t learned to drive, that’s my job.

Matt and I met in Boston, ’cause his then canine partner, Josie was a chick magnet. I’m an artist…so it’s the artist and the blind guy. You can find more about me on Facebook: Margo Volterra or check out my website: www.margovolterraartist.com?utm_source=email&utm_medium=email

Being a racing helmsman has enabled Matt to be not only successful on the water, but on land as well. By being involved in a sport that’s both competitive and requires teamwork, the carryover derived from participating in this sport has been huge. By fostering the competitive spirit and teamwork along with increasing self-confidence, he has been better able to meet and overcome the most important challenge: obstacles in life. Additionally, he’s educated both his sighted guides and himself on what he could do vs. what he couldn’t do. In short, he has been more able to think outside the box instead of confining himself to it. On a personal level, he has learned through sailing that many challenges as seen from a sighted person’s view are perceived and not real.


How has blindness impacted your world?

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