Author Juliet Cody

My name is Juliet Cody. I am an immigrant from Colombia. When I was a child, to stay in touch with our strong ties to the tropical beaches of the Caribbean, my parents moved our family to the beautiful beaches of Southern California, where I still reside.

I have a daughter, and taught pre-kindergarten until blindness struck. Despite this unexpected life event, I chose not to sit in the dark.

Instead, I turned on the light of independence – I became involved in the blind community and returned to school with my guide dog, Marly.

To spread awareness about the abilities of the blind, I have dedicated my career to writing children’s books based on my life experiences told from the perspective of my guide dogs. This is an excerpt from one of my “Marvelous Adventures with Marly and Aerie” books:

Aerie and I are guide dogs; our job is to lead our handlers safe from place to place, even when they get us mixed up, or when we play the old switch-a-roo on them.

We take our job very seriously, fun and exciting adventures seem to follow us wherever we go – from surfing the waves in San Diego to hiding from a crazy Chihuahua in the subways of New York City, to jumping into an elevator after a tennis ball and getting lost in Washington DC. (I didn’t know if I was going up or down; I was terrified; I chewed the tennis ball and lay on the floor of the elevator and when the doors opened two big boots appeared in front of me, my heart started pounding – oh no. It was the mean security guard!)

Juliet Cody has received twenty-seven scholarships and earned her BA and MA in Literature and Writing. You can find her books on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

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