NovoCain, a blind hip-hop artist, wearing a BlindNewWorld t-shirt

My name is NovaCain and I’m a blind hip-hop artist.

I haven’t always been a hip-hop artist – or even blind for that matter.

I started losing my sight at 17 due to being over-medicated by a doctor shortly after being placed in a group home. I lost my vision completely by my 18th birthday. The same year I lost my sight, I lost my dad.

Growing up a middle child of five brothers was exciting and adventurous. I grew up playing basketball and football before I lost my vision.

After losing my sight, I decided if being in a group home didn’t break me or growing up being abused didn’t break me then I wasn’t going to let blindness break me, either.

Since I could no longer play basketball, I was chasing a replacement to fill that void. Luckily for me, I had a natural interest in rap and I quickly filled that void. When I started rapping, I realized I had a chance to change the way blindness is looked at in blind culture.

My goal is to help blind people accept their blindness as a culture and not a disability.

I gladly take on the title of “role model” for younger blind people who have dreams of being in the entertainment industry.

That’s it for now! All of my music is 100% clean. Check me out in the video below and at

[VIDEO DESCRIPTION: NovaCain standing in a stairwell, rapping while wearing a BlindNewWorld t-shirt made by Two Blind Brothers]


NovaCain is an inspirational and sublime hip-hop artist and blind activist from Fredericksburg, Virginia. Follow him on Facebook (, Twitter (@realnovacain) and Instagram (@realnovacain).

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