Four-year-old Vicky, wearing a white shirt with blue polka dots, smiles for the camera

Vicky is our four-year-old girl and she is losing her sight due to a rare genetic condition called Leber Congenital Amaurosis.

And I would like to take a moment to thank her. I have redrafted this post many times, writing and rewriting all the little things I thank Vicky for. No words seem to capture all emotions and feelings.

The truth is simple: I want to thank Vicky for what she’s teaching us.

When you hug me strongly and tell me “Mummy, I love you sooooooo much,” you are teaching me unconditional love.

When you ask me to read your favourite book for the 20th time, you are teaching me patience.

When you take more time to complete a puzzle and you won’t leave till is finished, you are teaching me persistence.

When you struggle to see a little Lego piece on the floor, but you use your hands to find it, you are teaching me to make the best of what we have.

When you come up with funny mix of languages, you are teaching me to be creative.

When you show your contagious smile, you are teaching me that laughing is the best cure for many things.

When you kiss me goodnight, every night, you are teaching me to be kind with others.

When you insist on fastening your buttons “all by myself,” you are teaching me determination.

When you stop on the way to school to look at a beautiful flower, you are teaching me to appreciate the small little things in the world.

When you proudly explain to your friends that “many people wear glasses and so do I,” you are teaching me to stand up for myself.

When you run to hug and kiss your brother, you are teaching me that family is the most important thing in life.

When you tell me “Mummy, do not worry – I will not fall,” you are teaching me that we need to trust each other.

When you make sure that your blanket fully covers your Teddy – even if it leaves you uncovered – you are teaching me to take care of others before taking care of myself.

When you tell me “Mummy – help me, it is all dark,” you are teaching me not to be afraid to reach out for help.

When you ask me when you will no longer wear glasses, you are teaching me to have hope in the future.

What do you thank your kids for?

We are a family living in London (UK). Through Vicky’s Eyes is our journey to help Vicky see the world as much as possible before her sight deteriorates further…and while we do that, we would like to fundraise to find a cure for kids like Vicky. You can reach Silvia at – or follow Vicky’s journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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