BlindWays icon for iPhone

What is it? BlindWays is a new app for iPhone. If you’re blind and looking for a bus stop using GPS, you could easily be off target and miss your bus — because GPS is only accurate to within 30 feet. BlindWays gives people who are blind audible landmark clues they can identify with their cane, so they know they’ve reached a bus stop and not a ‘No parking’ sign.

A young male sighted volunteer entering clues into the BlindWays App next to a bus stop sign.

How does it work? VoiceOver software tells people who are blind what landmarks exist as they approach a bus stop. Not familiar with VoiceOver? Listen to how it gives clues.

The app is integrated with Google Maps, Apple Maps and uses NextBus’ API to get you real time info on buses and routes. You’ll never miss a bus again.

How can you help? Got 60 seconds and an iPhone? Download the app, go to a bus stop and enter clues. Tap on five clues from a drop down list and your done.

Screenshot of Entering Clues on BlindWays

Who can enter clues? Anyone! You don’t need to ride the bus, but you do need to be in Massachusetts since BlindWays is currently available on the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) only. Plans to roll out to more U.S. cities are in the works. So, get out there and turn this map from orange (needs clues) to blue (clues exist).

Screenshot of BlindWays map of orange bus stop locations without clues and blue bus stops with clues

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