Casandra Xavier standing on a city street, holding her mobility cane and looking confident

Hello I’m Casandra, better known as CaspHer. I was born in Miami and grew up in Massachusetts. I’ve lived with blindness and deafness my entire life.

Most people would assume that I couldn’t do much – but once they’ve spent twenty minutes with me, they realize that I am more than capable.

I am an assistive technology trainer for the deafblind and seniors in Massachusetts. I enjoy teaching technology and seeing people succeed.

My background was not in blindness at all. In fact, it was in fine arts. I realized my real calling was in the deafblind/blindness field after attending the Carroll Center.

I am extremely comfortable in my skin about my blindness. Because I was born this way, I have no desire to not be blind. I accept myself just as I am.

I enjoy being around cool and fun people. I like the winters in Minnesota and the summers in Massachusetts. Karaoke nights are my favorite things, that’s how I met a great friend. I’ll be even more honest: I love drag queens.

At this moment, I have gotten disability awareness training legislation filed in Massachusetts. I am still awaiting a real hearing date and I’d like to update everyone in the future.

In this video, Casandra speaks about Bill H 3802 via ASL. (A transcript and description are included below.) You can connect with her on Facebook at


“Hi. [signs nervously]

It’s Casandra Xavier [signs name “CX” over right shoulder with left hand]

I live in Boston [should’ve signed Massachusetts] and I filed a bill on July 7th. A bill about disability awareness training… [straightens out tripod]

I hope this bill passes.”

DESCRIPTION: Casandra wears a black suit and striped royal purple button down shirt. She has a black fedora hat with red and black feather on the left band of fedora. She wears black sunglasses to hide eyes pretty well. She has a clear face.

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